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April 3, 2005

Currently Listening To: All Star- Smash Mouth (aka SHREK according to Rohan lol)
Last Ate: Sweet Chilli Philli on a baguette
Feeling: Not good, not bad

Well after a long time of not posting thought I should update. I have been so neglecting things on the net lol, havn’t updated Dollie Addiction since January, the same with the boys site (but that is because our digital camera is broken. I’ve just gotten back into Coco Cabana properly, we have alot of big plans, new challenges, trying to get the year book set up, and heaps of other cool stuff.
I am offically trying to loose weight, which is why there is a new section called “Loosing It”. I will be posting everything about me loosing weight there.
Anyway thats about it really…

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