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Hi again

April 24, 2005

well yes, I know, I have neglected my blog again, I know, I know. Sorry Tessa, I seem to just be wasting your space hehehe.

Anyway life has been fairly hectic for us, we have had sickness (I ended up in hospital on a drip when I had orignally taken Rohan there because he was throwing up), our car broke, it could go forwards but not backwards, we managed to be able to get it fixed in 1 day, it cost us $440, which means I wont be getting my gym membership this fortnight.

I will be getting my membership next pay (if nothing else goes wrong), I have decided to just get a months membership first to see how I go, I don’t really want to spend $360 on a 6 month one and then discover that I am not enjoying it and have just wasted my money. I’m getting excited about it though, I put some trackpants on layby and am buying a new pair of runners seeing as mine seem to be falling apart lol.

We put Shannon on his bike today (we finally got him a helmet for it) but it is a little too big for him, he has to stretch his leg to reach the pedal when it is at the bottom, maybe we should get him some platform shoes LMAO.

And I think some moron has been direct linking from the domain, I reached my traffic quota and so now my site is down for the rest of the month, I have never even come close to reaching it before. I am going to set up a paypal account so if anyone feels generous they can donate money towards me getting the payed plan, which will give me access to the .htaccess file so I can set it up so you get a nasty image when you direct link hehehe, I might set that up here for now until Dollie Addiction is back up and running…

Today’s food:

2 pieces of french toast, juice

a jam roll, white tea with 1 sugar

1 piece left over homemade pizza, water

6 brazil nuts, a mouthfull of lemonade

(still to come), we are having smoked salmon and watercress omlette and vegis, I’ll probably have a small bowl of icecream too

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