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Oh the pretty pictures

April 27, 2005

Today I had to take the boys to Kindy to get their class photos taken. We spent about 1/2 hour playing in Rohan’s class because it was pouring with rain so all the extra kids couldn’t play outside. Finally it was the Toddler class’s turn (thats Rohan), there were only really 15 or so kids there and unlike what I was originally thinking, getting a bunch of 2 year olds to sit still isn’t that hard at all. Rohan didn’t want to sit there, so they got him to sit on one of his teachers laps which he did ok. It took about 5 minutes all up.

Then it was the Kindy class’s turn (Shannon’s class), and well, there were around 30 kids there and boy did it take forever. I swear it would have been 15-20 minutes. But they finally got a good shot. We also got some individual shots of the kids playing on some equipment (Rohan didn’t want to stand still or anything), and I also got one of both the boys together hugging. I believe that the proofs are ment to be available to view next week, and then we get to choose which shots we like.

Oh and I also set up a paypal account to try and get funds to upgrade my hosting plan for Dollie Addiction, it is currently set up at my Witchy site, but when I have the Dollie Addiction site up and running again it will be moved there…

Todays Menu:

Breakfast- porridge (with full cream milk, 2 sugars), juice

Lunch- some bagette with camembert cheese, water

Snack- brazil nuts, 3 strawberries, banana smoothie

Dinner- 4 chicken balls, chips, corn, lemonade

Snack- icecream + nuts, 3 strawberries


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