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August 22, 2005

ok so last Monday (OMG that was a hole week ago) we took Shannon to the Ekka, he had so much fun, he got to go on the merry go round, and do that game where you put the balls in the clowns mouth (hehehe that always makes me laugh, I’m so immature lol) where he got to have a helicopter (he didn’t actually win though thats what they gave you if you didn’t win). We mostly did the animal thing, Shannon has now informed us that we are going to own lots of little piggies and 1 goat.

We were lucky to arrive there at all. We were originally going to be getting the train in but when we arrived at the station the line for tickets was going around the corner, so we decided to get a bus into the city and walk from there. On the way in (I think it was just after Caringdale) this car pulls out right in front of us. Luckily we had a driver who has very good reflexes because he slammed on his breaks (while beeping the horn lol) and we ended up missing the car by a few centimetres! It definatly woke us all up on the bus, and hopefully it woke the moron who was driving the car up.

The scary thing is that I had someone do exactly the same thing to me on Thursday, I was driving up to the new Scrap shop to get some Bazzill and at the lights infront of “Town Centre” this woman turned onto the main road, meanwhile I was halfway through the intersection. I swear driving is so scary when you have people on the road who shouldn’t be allowed to drive. And the womans car was all dented in at the back, I wonder how that one happened? Someone needs to go be retested I think…

Anway here are some photos of Shanny at the Ekka…

oh and here are my pages for Regina’s circle journal…


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