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August 31, 2005

is anyone else having Scrapboxx withdrawal? The site has been down since last night, and I keep going there, even though my brain is telling me it probably wont be back until tomorrow. I need my fix, I couldn’t chat last night, I want to post about things, I was to read things, I WANT THE BOXX BACK!!!

Ok anyway, I’m back lol. My big news is I am going to be a Creative Team member at Kirky’s Kreations. I will be doing paper scrapping using her digital designs, I have been stocking up on white cardstock ever since I found out last week and can’t wait to get started, I have lots of plans for this lol.

Yesterday Rohan woke up with a horrible rash in his nappy area, it was all red and had little bumps through it that looked like a cross between blisters and mozzie bites, he had been scratching at it but it didn’t worry me too much until later I noticed he had some on his chest and face. Rang the GP “cant get him in til 4.30” so decided to take him to the hospital. We waited for 1 hour to see the nurse! And she said it would be a long wait. I checked him about an hour later and guess what? In usual kid fashion the rash was gone. So we ended up leaving without seeing a Dr.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 20, 2005 2:08 am

    was just reading your blog natasha – could have been what is called roseola…seems like at least one of my kids had the exact same thing that disappeared before the doctor could take a look. i know thi s is no help, but i can’t remember what i did, if anything, LOL! maybe do a search on it? just a thought!

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