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My fingers hurt…

September 20, 2005

My God, why do I keep torturing myself? I will be planning a layout, and think “stitching will look good here” so start stitching away completely forgetting the last time I stitched on a layout. I started stitching at 2pm yesterday afternoon, I was still going at 12.15 when I went to bed, I am about to attempt finishing it in a sec. But the layout still has so many things to be done to it though, I will be lucky if it is finished by next week lol.

Yesterday was Garry’s birthday, we only gave him a card as we are a bit low on money, but he got a lighter and chocolates for Father’s day so that sorta makes up for it, we do alot of combining present here lol. I made him a card using one of the printable kits from Kirky’s Kreations and he has it sitting next to his computer.
The boys have colds or the flu or something. They both got sick on Friday so I think it is fair enough to say they got it at kindy seeing as they both went on Thursday. Fingers crossed they are better by this Thursday as they both love kindy, plus I want to deal with getting things for Shannon’s party without being harrassed by children LMAO.

And to “annoymous” I had a look at some pictures of the Roseola rash and it didn’t look like that, so don’t think that is what it was. I guess we will never know, atleast he is ok though, thats all the matters…

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