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Wallace and Gromit

October 29, 2005

Well a few weeks ago I got a Hoyts movie money voucher thing as a RAK, I originally wanted to take Shannon to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but the other week when we were going to go he wasn’t feeling well, and last week it wasn’t on until later in the afternoon which would mean getting home after 6. The voucher ended in October so this was the last chance to go and the only movie they had that was suitable for children was Wallace and Gromit, so that is what we saw.
It was quite good, although it didn’t draw too many laughs from the people in the cinema. I was totally blown away by the cost of it, I got a child’s ticket, small popcorn and small lemonade and it was over $18! I can’t believe the prices they are charging for the movies now, and they wonder why people would prefer to download a movie via the net or get a pirated one when they go on holidays to some asian country.
It was a good day though so I guess that is the main thing huh?


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