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I’m so tired

November 3, 2005

I don’t know why but for the last week or so I have just felt so tired, I seriously would go back to bed at 9am if I didn’t have the kids here, right now I am struggling to keep my eyes open. Its really starting to drive me nuts because when I do try to do something it takes me forever to do it, not that I really feel like doing anything, I’d prefer to be just lying on the lounge dozing.

I went to the Brissy meet up yesterday with the scrapboxx girls, lots of fun, got to look at lots of albums, the boys got spoilt by Peta and I even got injured getting into Sue’s car on the way home, I pulled a muscle in my stomache and then another one in my leg (my leg still hurts lol).

Shannon is staying home from kindy today as he has a bad cough and a temperature, Rohan is there but was crying lots when I left, he was grumpy because he couldn’t watch Rubbadubbas on ABC LMAO.

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