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10 favourite layouts

February 14, 2006

Ali gave us a challenge to post our 10 favourite layouts that we have created, and seeing as my life is boring and I have nothing to write about I figured that it would be a good thing to post hahaha. so here they are…

M is for Moose

Another A-Z layout, even though this layout is rather plain I think it looks great, the scan doesn’t do it justice, in real life you can see all the texture in the paint from when I peeled the mesh off after painting it, I came across the idea by accident when I was painting some mesh to use on another layout and had stuck it to a piece of paper while painting it, when I pulled the mesh off it left this impression of the mesh which I just loved.


I really can’t pin point what it is I love about this layout, it just really appeals to me, it all just fell together so well.

RiverFire 04

I sort of had this layout planned before I took the photos, but as I was taking the photos I thought it was never going to be. I love this layout becuase I am amased that I actually got the photos to turn out, my trusty little fuji actually handled the distance, even though I did have to use the flash to stop the blur from occuring.


A layout for my book of me. I did a bit of experimenting with this, and discovered that if I just hammered my eyelet setting into the paper it cut out a little star shape which I thought was quite cool lol.

Jingle All The Way

not much of a layout, but it was my first ever paper layout, I really think that I did a pretty good job at it too hehehe.

Shannon – 100% boy

Another layout that just seemed to come together all on its own, lots of painting involved in this one, I love getting messy when I scrap hahaha.

Santa 2002

I think this layout is very simple but still draws your eye straight to the photo, other then that I don’t know why I love it, I just do hahaha.

Shannon’s First Birthday

the first layout I did for my Design Team work at Kirky’s Kreations, I am very proud of this layout, I was so worried that I would choke and just make the crappiest stuff every hahaha…

Why you should choose Natasha

My design team entry for Scrapboxx. I didn’t win (duh), but I am proud of this because it is the first big thing I have attempted to win, I think the layout looks really good, and I went to extremes to complete it. This is my bra layout. The lace was cut from a bra of mine and stained with tea.


Plain, Simple, Strong Statment, Great Photo, what more can I say. My favourite digital layout.

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  1. Laurie Star permalink
    February 25, 2006 2:09 am

    I love that “Photogenic” layout! Great picture! All your layouts are nice! 🙂


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