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Um yeah, cant think of a title

February 16, 2006

still feeling a bit meh, had no kids today as they were both at Preschool and Kindy which was nice, but I was so utterly bored out of my mind. I couldn’t even sleep, I layed down in bed at 1.30ish thinking of getting in an hour before picking the boys up but I felt really dizzy and everytime I closed my eyes it felt like I was falling which made me want to be sick. I have felt like that ever since (I was worried as I was walking up to school that I might fall over but I didn’t hehehe).
I have decided I am going to go to Scrap That tomorrow as they have a free crop thing going on, so hopefully that will get me out of the ditch I am in. I did manage to fix a layout last night that I had stuffed up, I was doing a double in 8.5×11 but accidently cut one piece of cardstock 7.5×11 but didn’t realise until I had finished. I guess it could have been worse, it could have been cut 9.5×11 which would have been bad as there are chipboard letters across the whole width of both pages, there is no way I could have cropped an inch off it. I will post the finished layout ASAP, Garry needs to re-install the scanner though so will be tomorrow night at the earliest…

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