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Well I am back

March 12, 2006

Well a fair bit to write about I guess, I’ll just start from the begining (I’ll go day by day)

Sunday – Woke up bright and early and left the house by 7.20am (ment to leave at 7, but some people like to be late). It was pooring and quite cold so we were all wearing not quite summer clothes which I was rather glad of as we got completely saturated between the car and the doors to the airport. Shannon grabbed the window seat first which ment Rohan whinged the whole way about not being able to see out the window, but other then that they were both fairly well behaved.

Monday – Went shopping for Rohan and Dad’s pressents from my family. The boys bother got a few things, and I got some bras. Nothing much else happened.

Tuesday – Dad’s birthday, didn’t do much through out the day, did play that stupid Sing Star game with Mandy (my sister), but my Nana (mum’s mum) came over for dinner, had a yummy roast pork (I never get roast pork lol), and a yummy mousse cake thing for dessert. Mandy that it would be funny to get those candles that relight themselves after you blow them out, both the boys thought it was hillarious having to blow them out over and over. Nana gave Rohan some of those medieval little people, he really loves the dragons, he has two of them now.

Wednesday – Rohan’s birthday, my little guy turned 3, I can’t believe how fast it all happens. He got a little people aeroplane and firetruck which he loved. We went to this kids play land thing, lots of kids making lots of noise and half decent coffee, headed home for lunch that off to Miranda where Rohan got the rest of the animal packs for the little people alphabet zoo, now all he needs is the train and he will have all the animals. We had McDonald’s for dinner and a Freddo Frog icecream cake which Rohan didn’t end up eating (Shannon asked from seconds lol).

Thursday – I was woken up by Rohan at 4am when he had started up the stairs and decided halfway he couldn’t keep going, but he couldn’t get back down. He was coughing and had a really bad temp, he ended up getting into bed with me and slept till 8.30 (really 9.30 seeing as there is the hour time difference in Sydney). He didn’t eat any breakfast, but I managed to get him to eat some chips at the airport while waiting for our plane. Got on the plane (Rohan got the window seat this time), Rohan was being grumpy still and coughing a bit, and kept putting the window blind down which was annoying Shannon because he wanted to look out. Shannon kept wanting to talk to the flight attendents, and eventually one of them said if they behaved they might be able to see the pilot when we landed. Rohan sat on my lap and rested and eventually we landed, waited for everyone to get off and then the boys got to go up and see the pilot, I wish I had have had my camera but I had packed it away. Anyway we got home, Rohan proceded to throw up the chips all over the floor, and wouldn’t eat dinner, got alot worse during the night and we were this close to taking him to the hospital but decided to just wait till morning and see the doctor.

Friday – Took Shannon to pre-school (he was ment to go Wednesday and Thursday too but obviously couldn’t), then Rohan up the the dr where after sitting the the waiting room for about 15 minutes we went in and I was asked if that was Rohan coughing, when I said yes I was informed he had croup. So we got a ‘script for some steroids and was sent home.

Anyway nothing much has happened since then, Rohan is getting better but still coughing, his nose started running today but I guess thats just all the nasties getting out. Hopefully he will be all better by Thursday so he can go back to Kindy, he really hates missing it.


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