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March 20, 2006

What scrapbook lines/products etc do you dislike?
oh my, ummmm, oh I know, I don’t really like fibres, I have never been able to work those out LMAO, oh and stamps that are pictures I just can’t make them look good LMAO

What is the hardest thing you ever had to scrap?
my T is for Turtles layout, the week before I did it we had found a turtle with its back legs cut off and Shannon asked me if I could “make it alive again”. Such a sweet thing for him to say but made me so close to tears…

What technique do you use more than anything else?
painting painting paints, half my clothes have paint stains, my desk and cutting mat are covered in paint, and if I am scrapping I have to come inside to wash my hands atleast 3 times LMAO.

What is the smallest scrap of paper you save?
I have some that would be about 3cmx3cm

Have you ever had any scrapping related injuries?
cutting myself with the knife (actually just did it again about an hour ago) and hitting my fingers with the hammer when setting eyelets

Finish this sentence, “If I wasn’t a scrapbooker/stamper, I would spend my money on…” Nothing, before I scrapped I never spent money on me. Sad I know…

Give your best storage or organizational idea
I use Aust. Post boxes that I get swaps and stuff in, I will decorate them to make them prettier, I sometimes will use shoe boxes too

You just won a week long scrapbooking cruise for 5. Who is going with you?
nope, sorry that question is too bloody hard, I would need the whole cruise ship booked out LMAO

When you received your first publication notification, who did you tell? And if you are not yet pubbed, who will be the first person you share the news with?
I have never been published, I would probably tell Garry and then blab about it at the Boxx and here…

Tagging anyone reading this (HAHAHA bet you didn’t see that coming)…

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