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ITs All Over

March 31, 2006

Well I have done it, my A-Z album is complete. I had to change a few letters from what I wanted to do, but I am still quite happy with the end result.
I have also done another layout, started as a sketch challenge but I turned it around and put photos in completly different place and now it looks nothing like the sketch lol.
Hopefully now that the album is finished I can concentrait on pages of the boys, and maybe even my BOM. I feel in a way that I have been neglecting my normal photos lol.

I found the most adorable cafe this week, its out in the middle of nowhere, with lovely cuntry views, chooks wandering around and some cows nextdoor. I could so handle living there, having a nice studio set up with a view over all the beautiful scenery, now I think I may just have to go buy a lotto ticket so I can buy that place LMAO.


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