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Hats and Sweaters and Lime….oh my

October 11, 2006

Ok well I finished the Pixie hat, I decided I would leave off the ties, but still did the pompom (which I did this morning at Playgroup haha). It looks so cute, will have to take a picture of it. And best of all I have tons of the yarn left over so I am starting to work on a little matching sweater, ooo its going to be an adorable set.

And OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Lime from Lime & Violet comment on my blog ***deep breaths Natasha deep breaths*** and she was so sweet too hehehe, LMAO can you tell I have a bit of a thing for Lime & Violet?

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  1. Lexy Girl permalink
    October 11, 2006 7:12 pm

    Hey thanks for stopping by.

    The DPN’s look more intimidating than they really are. But I’m not gonna lie, on my first project I stared at a drawing of how to join together for several minutes before I could get it.

    After the first couple of rows it’s easy as pie though!

    Congrats on finishing the Pixie Hat 🙂

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