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Chunky Tweed Cardigan

October 30, 2006

Well it is finished, I just need to get some buttons for it but I will get them on Thursday. You can tell which side I seamed first as the seam looks really bulky, but other then that I think I did pretty good for a first real garment hehehe. Doesn’t Winnie look so smart in his cardigan and matching hat?

this is the bad seam on the left sleeve

and this the is good seam on the right sleeve

And if you were wondering the pattern for both the cardigan and the hat are from Baby Bloom by Erika Knight, I am now working on a cardigan for myself from the same book (I am so tempted to buy this book, I only have it on loan from the library).

And thankyou to AlyshaJane for the advice on the Rustica scarf, I still havn’t gotten around to sewing in those ends though lol, atleast I have alot of time, wont be wearing it until April at the earliest, unless something goes totally coo coo and we get snow in Brisbane in Summer LMAO

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  1. October 30, 2006 3:13 am

    It’s cute. I like it. It may have a bad seam but that’s to be expected in a first real garment.

    I hate finishing.. that’s why I like the one piece sweaters. lol.

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