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attack of the hedgehog

February 4, 2007

well I have given into the pressure. I am knitting socks (pictures to come). I guess I am enjoying it, it is challenging though lol.
An article on Knitty says that using double pointed needles feels “like you’ve got an unruly hedgehog in your hands”, well all I can say is that my hedgehog likes to bite, I think it may have rabies.

I will probably add some pictures of the toe of my sock tonight if I get a chance…

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  1. Orghlaith permalink
    February 4, 2007 6:13 pm

    Congratulations! This is the start of big things (or small ones). And once you give a hand-made sock away, you will be bombarded for more. Enjoy the experience. Yes, double pointed needles bite, but there are also Two Circular Needles and Magic Loop techniques which don’t bite as hard.
    It is great to have another addict in the club.

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