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Yay I got a book

February 7, 2007

well we were in the book store today and I thought I would look at what they had in the way of knitting books. So I am looking through all the craft books, all I could find were some books with patterns that looked like they were direct from the 80’s (not my sorta thing), and a couple of books that I would have liked except for the fact that they were $60+, then just as we were about to leave I was digging around behind some other books and found Stitch & Bitch, so I snatched it up hehehe, I now own my first ever knitting book…

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  1. Orghlaith permalink
    February 7, 2007 5:59 pm

    Congratulations on the book (I love it when something special jumps out at me) and the sock. Please post photos!

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