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gifts and half finished objects

March 4, 2007

the other week I got a lovely parcel from Orghlaith full to the brim with beautiful gifts. I have been meaning to take some pictures, and I have to apologise (particulary to Orghlaith) about the wait but we need to get new batteries for the camera, the pictures today were taken with my old camera so the colours and quality are not as good.

first she sent some undyed knit picks merino lace weight with some kool aid for dying, I dyed it with the black cherry flavour, I was hoping for a solid colour but I think that I had too much wool for the pot so it has come out with different shades of pink, I do like it though. I am thinking of making this wrap from Knitty with it, but if anyone can suggest something better I am all ears.

next was some knitpicks sock yarn and some bamboo dpns (these have actually made me go out and buy some bamboo straights LMAO). I am making Snakes on a Sock with it. I am nearly finished with the heel.

Next is some metal knit picks dpns, the yarn on them in the pictures is something I happened across the other day at the shops, but I think I am going to have to frog it as it is looking a little big even though I have guage correct.

And last is some other kinds of sock yarn and some needle protector things. I’m not too sure what to do with this yarn, still tossing around ideas in my head lol. Oh and there was some green tea which I havn’t gotten around to drinking yet, I’m bad lol.

Now to finished projects (well half finished), I completed the purple sock I was working on, it fits so nicely, I have alot of issues with the cuff but after 3-4 attempts I found a cast off method that actually allowed me to get my foot into it. I havn’t started the second sock yet, I was thinking I would finish the SOAS one first then do the other purple then do the other snake.


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