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March 18, 2007

Well I have been working on the Tendrils pattern for the last few days-week it was going along slowly but well, no mistakes or anything. Well I thought today that my stash (yes I now officially have a stash LMAO) was starting to look messy so thought I would tidy it up, I pulled everything out of the basket and sorted through it started to put it all back neatly only to discover that I had dropped about 10 stitches from the Tendrils OMG I sat there for half an hour trying to pick them all up but it just wasn’t happening, so **sob** I ended up frogging it. I am so upset. I am thinking I might just make some socks, those ones that Cookie are selling are nice, I particularly like Millicent and the German stocking one.

I am up to the foot on my snakes on a sock, I’m nearing the end!

Oh and I got some fibre from the That Spinning Place Etsy store. There was some other fibre that I want to get but I need to use Garry’s credit card and can’t do that right now grrrr (the other one didn’t need a card as its an Aussie seller hehehehe harharhar). I can’t wait till it arrives and I can start spinning it up.

Anyways, have to go cook some dinner for the hungry monsters…

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