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I forgot to mention

July 10, 2007

in all the excitement I had on Saturday morning I completely forgot to blog about it. Oh well better late then never.

I woke up Saturday morning to find two emails in my inbox. One was from Mandie of Ewe Give Me The Knits, telling me I had won her competition and would get some fibre in the mail as my prize (I also got a batt of her that I had been eyeing off but don’t tell Garry shhhhh its part of the prize *wink wink*
The other email was from AuntlyH . She had asked that we design her an avatar to be used on the Lime & Violet board and on Ravelry, and I won that one too. I get either a hand sewn or hand knitted item, I chose sewn seeing as I already knit and completly suck at sewing.

I feel like I should be going out and buying a lotto ticket lol, as they say, it always comes in threes.


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