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its been a while

January 11, 2008

I know I know, I’m a bad blogger, but the wireless network doesn’t work on my computer so no internet, but I finally created an account on Garry’s computer and am slowly taking it over lol. I have been inspired by the lovely Miss V to do the 101 things to do in 1001 days project. I couldn’t sleep tonight so I have been sitting here for the past hour and a half working on my list. Some of the things on the list scare the hell out of me (like #13) and some may seem trivial (like #18) and some of them are just things that I have wanted to do for ages but am too lazy to do (like #29). Hopefully I will be able to keep up with the list.    

1. weigh 70kg

2. get a new job

3. plant the vegi crop a second time

4. paint a picture on a large canvas(and not screw my nose up at the result)

5. scrapbook my photos

6. begin a photo a day gallery

7. take a photography course

8. go to the snow

9. stop playing The Sims

10. knit a jumper/cardigan to the very end and wear it

11. Organise my craft room

12. sell yarn I know I am not going to use and give money to charity

13. do the Shave for a Cure (OMG SCARY) 

14. bind a book

15. sew myself an item of clothing

16. take a pilates class

17. ride a horse

18. go swimming

19. get a proper bra fitting

20. go fishing

21. enter some handspun yarn in the EKKA (or equivalent to where we are living)

22. not eat hot chips for 1 week

23. not eat lollies for 1 week

24. not eat chocolate for 1 week

25. do the special k 2 week challenge

26. eat yogurt

27. try a new fruit

28. own my own domain again

29.  donate blood

30. go to anzac day dawn service

31. volunteer to help at a school event

32. dye some yarn to sell at etsy

33. wake up at 6am for a week

34. wake up at 6am for 2 weeks

35. wake up at 6am for a month

36. send a hand written letter

37. send some photos of the kids to grandma

38. weigh 65kg

39. go hiking

40. buy a bike and ride it

41. teach rohan to ride a bike

42. teach shannon to ride a bike (I know I know its horrible they cant ride, I’ve been a lazy mother ok?)

43. walk to garden city

44. not drink soft drink for a week

45. drink 8 glasses of water a day for a week

46. put photos of the kids on the walls

47. take the boys to school on the bus

48. volunteer to help in rohan’s class 

49. volunteer to help in shannon’s class

50. knit some shopping bags and use them

51. go to a music festival

52. go camping

53. make a loaf of bread

54. make jam

55. spin yarn for a sweater/cardigan

56. get a cd player for the car

57. learn another language

58. back up my photos

59. buy new frying pan and wok

60. host christmas lunch

61. start saving atleast $10 a week ($1430 or more at finish date)

62. make our christmas cards

63. make a roast on the first saturday or sunday (depending on which day is best) of each month

64. buy some cushions for the bed

65. make curtains for the kids rooms in fabric of their choice

66. bind a journal and use it as a diary

67. paint with water colours

68. participate in the 365 day challenge

69. dye my hair

70. play golf

71. invite someone to our house atleast once a month

72. see a dugong in real life

73. buy/make a first aid kit to keep in the car

74. buy a fire blanket for the kitchen

75. buy some new green bags and use them

76. learn to sail a boat

77. not have take away for a month

78. go dancing

79. go out somewhere nice for dinner

80. start a swear jar, add money to the savings fund (see #61)

81. knit for charity

82. put a present under the wishing tree

83. let rohan have a sleep over

84. let shannon have a sleep over

85. don’t yell at the kids for 1 whole day

86. do a first aid course

87. have a picnic with the boys and garry

89. make a kite

90. fly the kite

91. buy an expensive bag

92. paint a self portrait

93. turn off the tv when no one is watching it

94. have 4 minute showers

95. start composting

96. use the bus to go to the shop (unless we are buying something that we’d need the car to get home with)

97. get a credit card so that I can actually have a credit rating for in the future

98. only use credit card if I have the money to pay it off straight away

99. do the washing up 2 times a day for a month

100. write a new list

101. donate $1 for every list item incomplete to the leukemia foundation

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  1. Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx permalink
    February 7, 2008 5:10 pm

    Hi Tash

    I hope your well and having a good week.

    How are the boys enjoying school?

    Amanda is in Grade 3 this year. I can’t believe how fast she is growing up.

    I love this list of things. It’s good to write them all down and have them in front of you so as to be reminded of what you want to achieve.

    Personally I really should do:

    Number 3/ Our vegetable garden has been floooded recently with all the rain Sydney has had.

    Number 11/ Organise my craft room better and get some more more storage containers.

    Number 42/ Teach Amanda how to ride her bike without the training wheels still attached. She never wants me to take them off so I haven’t yet (she is now 7 years old).

    Number 58/ I too need to back up my photos. I have scanned so many of them into my computer and saved them in “My Pictures” but have a fear of loosing them all one day if something happens to my computer.

    Number 59/ We too need a new fry pan. I just threw our old one out this week cause it was 11 years old and not was not working very well. I was worried it might blow up and give me an electric shock.

    Number 69/ Having a couple of hours at the hair dresser is one of my urgent needs too. I think I will make an appointment tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder.

    Number 79/ I want for my husnand and I to go out for dinner on Valentines Day Feb 14th. I need a break from cooking dinner every night and we need a fun romantic night out together.

    Number 93/ I can relate to this. Amanda turns on the TV to watch kids shows after school then 1/2 hour later she is in her bedroom playing with dolls and the TV is still on wasting electricty.

    Good luck getting these things achieved Tash. It’s a brilliant list with so many great ideas on it. Have a nice day and take care of yourself.

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