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April 12, 2008

well I have spent the last few days giving the vegi patch a really really got weed. The vegis that we planted (spring onion and carrot) in December died, they had started to sprout when we got back from our holiday, but that was about the time when we had non stop rain for what seemed like 40 days and 40 nights, I was ready to start building a boat and collecting pairs of animals lol. 

I decided that I should count my losses and just weed the patch for the next month, then dig in some fertilizer or something of the sort and chuck some mulch over the top until August. Well everything except on little row where I have some tomatoes going. I had bought one of those tomato grow bag things and the tomato seeds I planted started to grow, after a couple of weeks there were 3 separate seedlings and you are only meant to have 2 to a bag so I bought a pot and some potting mix into which I transplanted one of the seedlings. The very next day the seedling had doubled in size. The next week it was about 10cm high and now its about 20cm and its been in the pot about 3 weeks. So I have decided the grow bag is a dud and yesterday transplanted the other 2cm high seedlings into the vegi patch. If they take, YAY, if not I was planning on buying some other pots and planting more seeds at 8-10 weeks intervals so we would have a constant supply of tomatoes as we eat them a fair bit. I hate tomatoes on their own but love them in pasta sauces and even on salad sandwiches, might even try making our own tomato sauce hehehe.

And some music just to give you something to actually come to visit me for lol, I seem to have a thing for English singers for some reason, this is Ghosts by Laura Marling, can’t get this song out of my head…


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