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Day from hell

December 14, 2008

ok, well that might be a slight exaggeration but it was a pretty bad day.

It all started with allowing Garry to be in charge of the alarm clock, he has a habit of setting the alarm but then hitting the snooze button for 30-45 minutes, so instead of waking at 8am we woke at 8.45.

We had to drive up to Brisbane as we were visiting Garry’s mum who has just had an operation and is feeling a bit under the weather. On the way I had to stop off at Jode’s place so pick up the pillow I left at the Girls Night In. Got said pillow but as I was leaving I fell down the last 5 or 6 steps of her front stairs, no major damage done, just a couple of nasty grazes on my arm (which got the brunt of the fall) and I jarred my sholder up a bit.

Then on our way to visiting Garry’s dad to say hi the car started playing up, its an automatic and when it was changing gear it wouldn’t change properly and the revs would go nuts. this kept happening, until the neutral light on the dashboard started flashing, checked in the book, and apparently that has to do with the auto transmission fluid. Got that working ok, stopped off at a servo to get some fluid just in case, and we were on our way. Car was fine on the motorway (not that that is odd given that it didn’t have to change gears due to the constant speed) but when we got off at Bangalow it played up again. We got it going enough to get to just outside Lismore, but then it just quit, nothing, nada, couldn’t even reverse. 

So now our car is sitting 5 minutes out of Lismore waiting for us to organise a tow truck to take it to an auto electrition in the morning. The Taxi to get us home cost a bloody arm and a leg, but thankfully we do have another car to get around in till my baby is all fixed.

Now I am off to go and have a cigarette to relieve the stress lol…


oh and here is a late Friday Night Music entry

Kate Miller-Heidke – Can’t Shake It

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