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One of those days

March 26, 2009

Well today I decided to wash my car for the first time since we moved (I havn’t done it before now as I don’t see the point, we live on a dirt road, its just going to get caked in dirt the first time I drive out the driveway).

I went to grab the bucket that we have sitting under our water tank next to the house, to discover a big fat rat floating in the water being eaten by maggots. It was completely disgusting, and smelt something horrid. Thankfully I have a man around the house to dispose of ugly dead rats for me, so I didn’t have to deal with it, but still, ewwww.

Then halfway though the car washing Garry comes out. He has had these nasty spots all over him for the past week. We thought they must be hives or something as he hasn’t been feeling sick or anything, but he had been looking at the little “scabs” in the middle of each spot closely and wanted my opinion.

“Do you think this might be a tick?” He asks. I have a closer look. It could be but I am not sure, so I have a look at a couple of others, and one of them defiantly looks like it may have legs. Mind you these things are smaller then a pin head! They are tiny tiny little things, and every single spot (except the very first ones that showed up on him) has them. 

Oh its been a fun day.


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