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would you like fries with that McWhine?

March 27, 2009

Why is it that so many idiots come to buy food from me? Today at work we had three noteworthy idiots.

Idiot #1 – This idiot was actually a group of idiots, they lined up together and got to the register together, where idiot #1A ordered a McChicken burger and payed for it. Then idiot #1B ordered a McChicken burger and paid for it with idiot #1A’s money. Then idiot #1A ordered a Happy Meal and paid for it. Then idiot #1C ordered a McChicken and payed with idiot #1A’s money. Then idiot #1A ordered a small coke and payed for it. This continued on and on. I think in total they made and payed for a total of 9 orders, all with only one thing in each.

Idiot #2 – was a junkie with the munchies that asked how much a Big Mac was, then proceded to count all her loose change to see if she had enough. Then asked how much a Filet o’ Fish was, then counted out the money again, then asked how much a cheeseburger was only to yet again have to count her money to make sure she had enough money.

Idiot #3 – was a woman that I have seen come into our store on a number of occasions, and lets just say that for health reasons she should probably avoid fastfood and go a few stores up to Subway, plus she is a bitch so she just needs to stay away from me lol. She stood inline with her husband and daughter talking the whole time, then decided to choose what they wanted to eat when they got to the register. It was really hard to understand what she was ordering because it was all over the place, so after I got the “order” I read it back to her “1 large frozen coke/fanta, 3 Crispy Chicken Deluxe with Bacon and a large fries”. She obviously wasn’t listening to me because a minute after her daughter walked off with their order she comes back saying she ordered 3 large fries. I inform her I only charged her for one and was about to explain that I could get her another 2 and she could pay the difference, but then she abused me saying “this is the last fucking time my order gets messed up. I wont ever be coming here again”. Personally I would be happy if that were true but I seriously cannot see her keeping away for more then a week lol.

The great thing is that not all our customers are horrible, most are just normal customers who tell you their order, you get their food, they are happy. Some are lovely customers who you can get to know if it isn’t busy when they come buy to get their lunch during their work break. Its only a select few that are horrible, and when we “stuff up” their orders, its usually their fault (and yes sometimes it can be ours too hehehe).

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  1. lillismum permalink
    March 27, 2009 8:42 pm

    oh boy – i know how you feel. why are there idiots in this world?

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