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Changes in plans

April 25, 2009

in the begining of March we had looked at a house in a little town called Wellington (its near Dubbo). We liked the place, we offered a price, and they accepted, but we were told that exchanging of contracts would have to wait two weeks due to the sellers waiting on some  finance for the place they were buying. 

That was fine with us, so it was all going well. Then when that two weeks was up, it was another two weeks, and another. We were told last week that we would be exchanging contacts at the begining of this week only to be told on Monday that it would be another two weeks.

Now this wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that the lease on the place we are currently in finishes next week, and the owner is moving back to the area so we won’t be able to extend it until we would be able to move into the house.

So we decided that we would have to back out of the sale, we called our real estate agent and explained what had happened and that we would need a new rental property to stay in, and thankfully they are really great and we got to look at a place on Tuesday. We signed the lease aggreement yesterday afternoon and picked up the keys today. 

There are some pictures of our new house on my flickr account (we will be moving in over the coming week, officially on Friday, but we are taking stuff over in the car before then).

And this morning the boys got to march in the Anzac Day parade with their school. They were very well behaved and dispite the warm weather there wasn’t too much whinging about being hot (I saw one girl from another school be sick and a few people fainted).

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