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Mallanganee Village Festival & Bull Ride

March 27, 2010

Today we decided to take a trip over to Mallanganee (west of Casino in NSW) to see their Village Festival & Bull Ride.

When we arrived we all got branded with their stamps, although mine became unreadable within a few minutes, Rohan’s pretty much lasted the whole day.

Both the boys pigged out on the “show” style food, including Dagwood Dogs and Fairy Floss (I must admit I too indulged in a tad too much of the fluffy sugar).

Rohan got slightly grumpy due to the fact that it was quite hot in the sun, and that he has the sniffles. He did eventually settle down, but he wouldn’t let me take any photos of him.

We got to see lots of crazy guys riding on angry bulls, which surprisingly for me, was quite fun. I was very impressed with this photo I took, I love how the bull is in mid air.

Another photo I really liked was this one, but I can’t remember if it was me or Garry that took it, lol.

Thankfully we didn’t see too many injuries, this guy did however slam his head into the steel barrier just after I took this shot. And we did see this kid who broke his arm and had to get taken to Lismore Hospital, and another kid who had his steer roll on top of him. Lets just say the boys have decided they don’t want to try bull riding as they might get hurt (I am kinda glad about that fact)…

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