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May 16, 2011

So the last year has been pretty quiet on the blog front for me, but we are still trudging along in the real world.

I havn’t been knitting or spinning anywhere near as much as I used to, mostly because I am now working full time, and I am absolutely in love with sewing. I have been making heaps of clothes for myself, have done curtains for all the windows, and even a few gifts for friends. I am currently making a lovely dress from this DKNY pattern but in a red fabric, and a shirt based on this top featured on one of my new favourite websites Grosgrain. Also on the cards is a big project, which I am definatly going to be writing more about as I am going to document my progress, but I wont share that just yet, its a surprise.

Oh and one of the biggest things to happen to me in the last year, I finally got around to doing the world’s greatest shave in March. I have donated my hair to the Princess Charlotte Alopecia Foundation and I ended up raising just under $1200 for the Leukaemia Foundation. (side note, the dress I am wearing in the photos is one I made).

The next big thing for us is a family holiday in July, we’re going to Dubbo and the Blue Mountains and with the way the weather is there is a high chance of us seeing snow, how exciting.

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