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4 day weekend, woohoo

June 7, 2011

So I am on the final day of my wonderful 4 day weekend which has been wonderful, didn’t do much at all. We went into down a couple of times with the kids, and then again today to do our groceries. And I have managed to get almost all of my washing done.

The only downside was that I had been planning on starting the big project that I mentioned in the last post, I bought and washed the fabric ($75 all up) and bought the pattern as a donwloadable print out from McCall’s, but when I went to print the pattern out it took me hours to actually get it to print and then after I had printed the 140 odd pages of the pattern discovered that it was cutting off a good 2 inches of the pattern from the bottom of each page.

I decided that I had had enough and was not going to waste another 140 pages of printer paper (the ones that were printed are not the property of the boys for drawing purposes) and went and bought the printed pattern from McCall’s website. So now I have to wait for it to arrive before I can start cutting out the fabric and sewing.

The two fabrics I bought are safely put away waiting for the pattern, but I decided that the white cotton lining would be easily replaced so I decided to make a shirt from this pattern I started it on Sunday and pretty much finished it yesterday and hemmed the bottom today. I am quite happy with the way it has turned out, and I even tried something a little different and used one of the “embroidery” like stitches on my machine to hem the bottom and to attach the cuffs, I really like the way it turned out, I was originally going to do the embroidery in a gold thread but am glad I ended up going with white. Please excuse the crappy photos, the light is terrible, and my camera is begining to die.




I also just signed up for the Sewing Studio with Diana Rupp course at Craftsy. It is great for beginners as it goes into alot of detail but also good for those of us that already know the basics but would like to learn a bit more to make our projects more professional looking. I’m really enjoying the course so far and am itching to try the first project (a pillow slip). I’m thinking I might do it for the cushions on our lounge which are starting to look a bit old and shabby (and not the good kind of shabby).

Anyway, thats it from me, hopefully by next week I will have a shiny new pattern and can begin my “big project”.


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