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Chicken Nuggets with Loads of Noodles

June 12, 2011

Tonight was Shannon’s night to cook, he decided on “Chicken Nuggets with Loads of Noodles” which can be found in Kids Can Cook by Nicola Graimes. Which he has actually made before, but it is yummy so no one is complaining.Instead of putting the chicken onto skewers as the recipe says we decided to just cook them as is. They only end up being pulled off the skewers anyway, so we saved a step in the eating process.Shanny wanted to do an “eating” shot like from Rohan’s Piggies in Blankets Recipe, unfortunatly for him he is definatly not a posable child, he just looks wooden when he tried to pretend to do something. Next time I will just tell him to eat it and hope I get the shot in time (its really hard to get good photos as its getting dark so early now and the fluro light in the kitchen just doesn’t work with my camera).

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