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My weekend of fabric cutting

June 19, 2011

So my weekend has consisted of fabric cutting, playing a game of monopoly, more fabric cutting, more fabric cutting, a day spent at work, watching Gulliver’s Travels (really not a Jack Black fan, but the kids liked it) and more fabric cutting. And I am still only halfway through the cutting process.

My back hurts, but legs hurt, my head hurts, but I am still really enjoying it lol.

I did make a mock up of the top, its a bit loose, but I think when I put in the interfacing and the lining that it will be quite a nice fit.

Tomorrow is another day off work, but I have to take my car in to be serviced before we go away on holidays. I am planning on getting the back of my hair trimmed (I am very worried about it turning into a mullet lol), and I might take some wool and sit in the park and knit. Hopefully the car doesn’t cost too much…


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