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Baby Snakes on a Sock

Baby Snakes on a SockAfter making myself some socks using the Snakes on a Sock pattern by the oh so wonderful Miss Lime, I was asked by my 5 year old if I could make him a pair. So being the wonderful and giving mother (really it had nothing to do with liking to make socks), I decided to design him a pair, however, I had never made child sized socks, and had no idea how long to make them to fit, so in one of my wonderful light bulb moments I thought “I’ll make them toe up”. I guess if you prefer cuff down and have a particular heel and toe method you like to use you could just use the repeats and do it the way you wanted really, but this is how I did it. The toe and heel has been based on the generic toe up pattern by Wendy.

Difficulty LevelBeginner/Intermediate

Sizeto fit foot 18cm/7″ around ball of foot (my son has big feet lol), he is a size 1 in “big” kids shoes but that is in Australia, so if someone could tell me what size it would be in US and UK sizings that would be great.

Materialsapprox 1.5 balls Schachenmayr nomotta Crazy Cotton (amount will vary depending on desired length of foot and leg)5 dpn’s size 3US/3.25mm


CO 22st onto 1 needle using a provisional cast on.

^Row 1 – k21, move yarn as if to *p, sl next st, turn* (* will be referred to as wrap)<br>Row 2 – move yarn to p, sl 1st st, P to last st, wrap last st<br>Row 3 – move yarn to k, sl 1st st, k to last worked st, wrap last worked st<br>Row 4 – move yarn to p, sl 1st st, p to last worked st, wrap last worked st<br>Repeat rows 3+4 until 6 unworked (wrapped) stitches on left, 10 worked in middle, and 6 unworked on right.

Row 1 – k across 10 worked st to the first wrapped st, pick up the wrap and k it together with the st, wrap the next st (it now has 2 wraps)<br>Row 2 – sl 1st st, p across to 1st wrapped st, pick up wrap and p together with st, wrap next st<br>Continue rows 1 and 2 until all st are live, you will pick up both wraps from each stitch.When all st are live divide over 2 needles^, remove provisional co and divide over 2 needles. You should have 4 needles with 11 st each.<br>Knit one complete round, picking up one stitch at beginning of needle 3 and end of needle 4, on the next round (when you have begun the pattern repeats) k2tog with the next/previous stitch on the needle.Your toe is now complete.

Pattern**this pattern is over 4 needles, while working the foot stitches on needles 3 and 4 should all be knit.Complete repeats in a 1,2,3 fashion, when you reach #4 go backwards back to #1, then go back to #4 until you have the desired length, on the socks pictured I did 4 complet sets of repeats for the foot and 3 for the foot

Repeat 1 <br>Round 1 (n1) m1, k1, m1, p2, k8(n2) k8, p2, m1, k1, m1(n3) m1, k1, m1, p2, k8(n4) k8, p2, m1, k1, m1<br>Round 2 (n1) k3, p2, k8(n2) k8, p2, k3(n3) k3, p2, k8(n4) k8, p2, k3<br>Round 3 repeat round 2<br>Round 4 (n1) (sl2, k1, psso), p2, k8(n2) k8, p2, (sl2, k1, psso)(n3) (sl2, k1, psso), p2, k8(n4) k8, p2, (sl2, k1, psso)

Repeat 2 <br>Round 1 (n1) k3, m1, k1, m1, p2, k5(n2) k5, p2, m1, k1, m1, k3(n3) k3, m1, k1, m1, p2, k5(n4) k5, p2, m1, k1, m1, k3<br>Round 2 (n1) k6, p2, k5(n2) k5, p2, k6(n3) k6, p2, k5(n4) k5, p2, k6<br>Round 3 repeat round 2<br>Round 4 (n1) k3, (sl2, k1, psso), p2, k5(n2) k5, p2, (sl2, k1, psso), k3(n3) k3, (sl2, k1, psso), p2, k5(n4) k5, p2, (sl2, k1, psso), k3

Repeat 3 <br>Round 1 (n1) k6, m1, k1, m1, p2, k2(n2) k2, p2, m1, k1, m1, k6(n3) k6, m1, k1, m1, p2, k2(n4) k2, p2, m1, k1, m1, k6<br>Round 2 (n1) k9, p2, k2(n2) k2, p2, k9(n3) k9, p2, k2(n4) k2, p2, k9<br>Round 3 repeat round 2<br>Round 4 (n1) k6, (sl2, k1, psso), p2, k2(n2) k2, p2, (sl2, k1, psso), k6(n3) k6, (sl2, k1, psso), p2, k2(n4) k2, p2, (sl2, k1, psso), k6

Repeat 4<br>Round 1 (n1) k9, m1, k1, m1, p1(n2) p1, m1, k1, m1, k9(n3) k9, m1, k1, m1, p1(n4) p1, m1, k1, m1, k9<br>Round 2 (n1) k12, 1(n2) p1, k12(n3) k12, p1(n4) p1, k12<br>Round 3 repeat round 2<br>Round 4 (n1) k9, (sl2, k1, psso), p1(n2) p1, (sl2, k1, psso), k9(n3) k9, (sl2, k1, psso), p1(n4) p1, (sl2, k1, psso), k9

When you foot is the desired length complete the heel by following the instuctions for the toe between ^ (use the stitches on needles 3 and 4 on one needle, make sure that the seam for the toe is not in the middle of these stitches or your heel will be in the wrong possition). When heel is complete divide the stitches up onto two needles again and continue with the pattern repeats from where you left off until approx 1cm from desired lenght of leg.

CuffThe cuff is worked the same as the original just backwards

Round 1-2: Knit all the way around<br>Round 3: Purl all the way around<br>Rounds 4-6: K2, P2 all the way around<br>Round 7: Purl all the way around<br>Round 8: Knit all the way aroundcast off loosely


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